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Road proven
Two notes Audio Engineering pioneered a new era for tube amp players fed up with heavy cabinets and inconsistent sound on stage.
With the introduction of the Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox in 2012, guitarists and bassists could for the first time accurately and consistently reproduce on stage the characteristics of the whole miking chain (speaker, microphone, preamplifier and room acoustic) with a 1U road ready rackmount unit.

New firmware, more cabinets
Used in thousands of venues since launch in 2012, the Torpedo Live now offers dual miking, hi-res Impulse Response and a new IR loader mode with the free V4 firmware update.
To celebrate this update, Two notes is giving all new and existing Torpedo Live owners an extra 32 cabinets ($100 / 100€ Value) in addition to the 32 original cabinets.
With the new Firmware, Dual Miking, Longer IRs and 64 cabinets, it’s time to get on the road.

The concept
You love the sound of your amplifier pushed right to the magic sweet spot where the best tones are. Until now, the only available option was blasting your sound through a 4×12″ to properly excite a microphone. Enter Torpedo, the simplest and most realistic way to get your sound to your audience. Use the amp you love!
Everything that makes a real amp rule over all the other alternatives is retained. You can even record silently late at night. Gone is the backache from the loadout, complaints from neighbours, venue staff or even bandmates and the frustration of not being able to sound at one’s best trying to reduce the volume.

Reactive Loadbox
Use your amplifier without a speaker cabinet thanks to the load box of the Torpedo Live. Its reactive impedance of 8 Ohms faithfully imitates a speaker, allowing the amp to work exactly as if it was connected to a speaker cabinet.

Miked cabinet simulation
With DynIR, the tech behind Torpedo products, you have the best speaker simulation to send your amp tone to the PA or an audio interface. Choose the cabinet, and mic it with the selection of 8 microphones available for each cabinet. With the new dual miking feature, you can now mike like a pro and combine two different mics for richer textures.

Post-FX Section
The Torpedo Live comes with a powerful EQ and a superb reverb to shape your sound before going to the PA or the recording unit.

Control your Torpedo Live from your computer
With its clear and intuitive interface, Torpedo Remote will give you access to all parameters of your Torpedo Live, with the comfort of your computer’s screen.
You can choose the cabinet and visualize your microphones placements instantly, and move them around easily. You can load and save presets on the fly and Torpedo Remote is the place for changing the cabinets and IRs in the Torpedo Live and also updating the unit.
Through Torpedo Remote, you will be able to preview any speaker cabinets from the Two notes Store, in real time, and choose to buy the ones you prefer.

Simulation mode
All the tools of a high-end studio are at your hand through the simulation mode. Every virtual cabinet comes with a dedicated collection of 8 microphones. Have the luxury of putting two high quality microphones to capture your tone, anywere around the cabinet. Tweak your sound with the multiple-band eq and place your rig in any of the 8 different rooms.

Arcade mode
Quick and simple access to high quality speaker simulation sounds. Chose one cabinet and one microphone. Fine tune the sound with predefined settings for a very quick experience of the Torpedo Technology. No need to have much knowledge of miking techniques to fully enjoy your tube amp.

IR Loader mode
This new mode gives you a fully dedicated area for your third party IRs. As you can dual mic a cabinet in Simulation mode, you can use two IRs at once. And fine tune the global sound with eq and reverb to have your tube amp tone sent direct to the PA or an audio interface.

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