HOTONE Pulze Luna Multifunctional Modern Bluetooth Modeling Amplifier


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Pulze is a modern Bluetooth digital modeling amplifier with a minimalist exterior design, suitable for a variety of electric and acoustic instruments. Meticulously designed enclosure and speakers ensure high-quality audio playback performance and professional instrument tones within a portable form factor, faithfully reproducing classic sounds found on records. With a fully touchscreen operation combined with Bluetooth 5.0 module and a companion mobile app, Pulze offers a user-friendly, intelligent operating experience. It integrates recording, live streaming, and more features to inspire and capture your musical creativity at any time.

Pulze offers 2 options of color palettes. They are Luna and Eclipse.

✪ Compact Bluetooth® modeling amplifier suitable for various instruments
✪ Special-tuned ABS cabinet ensures wide stereo soundstage, faithful sound reproduction, firm and deep bass in a compact, lightweight enclosure
✪ Dual 3.5" full range speakers, 30W (15W+15W) output power
✪ Evolved CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience
✪ Authentic stereo processing & audio playback, Space+ stereo enhancing technology for immersing soundstage
✪ Powerful dual-core DSP platform and 24-bit digital signal processing ensures excellent sound quality
✪ 4-inch 800×480 dynamic touchscreen and flexible UI for intuitive control
✪ Bluetooth® 5.0 dual-mode module for audio playback and remote control
✪ Supports wireless control via Bluetooth® MIDI
✪ CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling effects including: 46 amp models, 48 cab models, Legendary pedal models
✪ High quality Hotone original effects incl. drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more
✪ Supports adding up to 20 user IR
✪ 5 classic Celestion® speaker IRs included - Powered by Celestion® Digital
✪ Up to 7 simultaneous effect modules, editable effects chain order
✪ USB port for firmware updating or USB audio interface function (supports loopback and reamp)
✪ Supports saving max. 200 tones (presets)
✪ Acoustic simulation effects and tones
✪ Songlist mode for switching tones in seconds
✪ Download/upload/share your favorite tones via Hotone Community
✪ Built-in drum machine/metronome with 100 patterns
✪ Built-in precise tuner
✪ Phones jack for silent practicing
✪ Recordable aux in jack
✪ Customizable user display for designing your own control panel
✪ Customizable knob types, theme and atmosphere light colors
✪ Built-in atmosphere lights with brightness control
✪ Detachable PU leather strap
✪ Multiple colors available
✪ 18V DC power supply

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