J. ROCKETT Airchild 660 Compressor

J. ROCKETT Airchild 660 Compressor

J. Rockett

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The Airchild Six Sixty Compressor is our sonic interpretation of the famous vintage 660 studio compressor. Consistently regarded as the best compressor ever made. For years we have used the original 660 and 670 (Stereo) compressors in the studio and decided to try and make that sonic signature available to the guitar community without the $10-$100k price tag.

The typical iconic guitar compressor has created very recognizable tones throughout the history of music, especially
Country music. That being said we felt that there were already too many clones of that legendary circuit with few
other variants available.

The typical Iconic circuit tends to crush the sound more like a limiter but has also cemented that sound into certain
genres of music which is a great sound if so desired. We wanted to make available a compressor that works like a
studio compressor which enhances harmonic richness and evens out transients without crushing the entire spectrum.

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