Revv G8 Noise Gate


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The Revv G8 Noise Gate is the new, simple, zero-compromise, solution to taking control of your rig. Noise comes from so many places - the room you’re in, your guitar, your amp, pedals, other pieces of gear in the signal chain. Dealing with that gets in the way of music, live & in the studio. None of us like the noise, but we usually just deal with it because the solutions aren’t ideal.

G8’s controls will let you dial in that sliced & diced metal rhythm tone when you need it - but most importantly it is designed to maintain the sonic integrity of your guitar tone. You will feel the same & sound the same all you’ll be wondering is where the noise went. Hear the silence!

* Totally transparent feel - like plugging straight into the amp - but without the noise!
* Flexible controls provide super-gated staccato chug tones when you need them.
* 4 jacks allow super simple 2-cable setups or sonically precise 4-cable setups
* Eliminate problematic noise from your guitar, amp, pedals, or ambient environment.
* Thresh knob dials the exact level of noise reduction you require
* Release knob ensures your endless sustain is uninterrupted.
* Hold knob fine-tunes feel, ensuring G8 doesn’t close when you want it to remain open.
* Buffered bypass, bright LED for on/off confirmation, black metallic graphic enclosure.
* Simple 9-12v center negative external power supply operation, 50mA minimum.
* Manufactured in Canada to rugged quality standards.

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