RIGHT ON Mojo Strap New Heroes

RIGHT ON Mojo Strap New Heroes

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The design of the strap "NEW HEROES" is made by Xenia Grey (designer, illustrator, audiovisual producer, multi-instrumentalist)

History repeats itself in cycles. Century after century bring great pandemics, creating suffering for humanity. Pestilence is the mask that hides death and fear. Through generations, the plague lurks, and inevitably it returns time and time again. The 2020 pandemic is full of mystery and raises many questions; bats, pangolins, laboratories, strange mutations, genetic codes, adaptation and speed of transmission. Worldwide, our New Heroes are fighting against this invisible, monstrous threat. They are the doctors, the nurses and the other health workers – all those who have risked and continue to risk their lives to combat the pandemic and the fatal statistics. In this fight, the whole world suffers social alienation, absolute restriction and confinement at home, unable to enjoy the company and closeness of their loved ones. But one day soon we will be back out on the streets, in society. We will be able to remove our masks and breathe the clean air, even while we will always maintain some doubt about how pure that air is.

Strap designed by Xenia Grey. This strap is intended to be a remembrance and commemoration strap with everything that happened with the COVID-19 and the worldwide impact.

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