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From Searing Leads to "Slow Dancing" Cleans This Is One Packed Preamp Pedal!
When it comes to the iconic cleans of songs like "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" or the more gritty and spanky tones from the Blues greats, much of what we hear comes from a rare amplifier (Steel String Singer) designed and manufactured by a small California-based builder whose amps now fetch upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. The Steel String Supreme is based on serial #001 of these legendary tube amps, and for those of us that want the ultimate D-style clean tone and light overdrive through a clean amp pedal platform or direct recording rig (using an cab sim or IR loader), this pedal may be a game-changer for you. It offers all the possible tone shaping you could want in terms of EQ, compression, and overdrive, in addition to boasting a dual channel configuration that can be used separately or together for maximum control over your clean and mild overdrive tones.

Designed Alongside An Oiginal Dumble SSS #001
The pedigree of players that have used a Steel String Singer amplifier are prolific! Players such as Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana, John Mayer and more have all been known to use this iconic amplifier which the Steel String Supreme is based on. Yet, you don't have to drop $200,000 or more for the price of entry to get access to the legendary tone of this 100W, 6L6-based amplifier. The Vertex Steel String Supreme (the big brother of the Steel String MKII) offers two channels, double the EQ and voicing options, and is full-fledged pre-amp circuit available to be used with any cab simulator or IR loader as a stand along analog amplifier in a pedalboard-friendly format.

Get The Complex Cleans and Transparent Overdrive Of The Iconic D-Style Amps
With gain control below 50% the Steel String Supreme makes for an incredible clean boost with some D-style coloration. The EQ section allows for a combo of toggle switches and knobs to voice your EQ (filter) perfectly with any amplifier pairing while still imparting that six-figure tone from the D-style amps we all know and love. As you get above 50% on the gain control, the Steel String Supreme becomes more of an overdrive, capable of some of the more mild to mid-gain tones heard on many of the classic albums from the finest Bluesman and Rock 'N Roll guitarists. The Steel String Supreme is 100% analog and with both channels being 100% true bypass to preserve your tone with zero alteration when disengaged.

Features include
*Based on serial number #001 of a rare six-figure amplifier
*Preamp in a box — designed to go into tube amp or direct to Cab Sim/IR Loader
*Incredible touch sensitivity, warmth, and sparkle
*Highly interactive Gain and Level controls make this a capable clean boost or mild overdrive
*Active EQ, Bright/Deep switch, and Rock/Jazz switch provide endless tonal shaping
*Rugged steel metal enclosure
*D-style Cosmetics
*True Bypass Switching (mechanical)
*Designed in California

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