TC HELICON Harmony V100 Acoustic Amp

TC Helicon

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All In One Performance Companion
The Harmony V100 Acoustic Amplifier is crammed full of features and innovations that can help you weave intricate, evolving sounds at home or in clubs and halls. Maximize your audio potential to capture attention and hold it with an array of fascinating vocal and guitar effects and looping in an easy-to-carry processor and amplifier system.

Immersive Guitar sound
Leave your pedals at home. A suite of sweet guitar effects that would normally require a large pedal board is included. There’s a fast, accurate Tuner, BodyRez to improve the feel and tone of your undersaddle pickup, 3 band EQ and separate Chorus, Reverb and Echo with their own styles and mix controls. All you add is a guitar and your groove.

Stunning Vocals
Everybody knows the main link to an audience is vocals and TC Helicon’s studio-quality vocal processing lets your voice shine. With Adaptive Tone for instant “producer polish”, transparent pitch correction, two additional virtual Harmony voices and the lush expansiveness of Reverb and Echo, your voice will excite like never before.

Room Filling Guitar And Vocals
100 Watts of Class D bi-amplification provided by separate amps for the lows and highs ensures powerful, precise sound. The 10” dual concentric speaker (woofer and tweeter in one) by legendary brand Tannoy projects a point source sound wave for the widest possible listening field while keeping the speaker’s enclosure compact.

Hear Yourself Better
When you turn on Harmony V100’s additional top-firing tweeter, an exclusive innovation from TC Helicon, you’ll finally get to hear more of what your audience hears. No more muffled sound or putting the amp on a chair, now you get an exciting sound standing beside, in front or behind your Harmony V100.

Fast-Acting Automatic Anti-Feedback
The Harmony V100 acts automatically to minimize screeching and howl for the Vocal and Guitar channels respectively. You get to continue playing and singing instead of switching and dialing EQ controls when feedback happens.

Multiply Yourself
Within seconds you can build a sound greater than the sum of its parts with the 90 second looper and its unlimited overdubs. Looper input can be Voice, Guitar or both and your loop length automatically sets tap tempo so echoes play nicely in time. Imagine each overdub with a different, tasty effect!

And The Footswitch Is Included!
Looping, vocal processing and guitar effects can all be controlled by the rugged 4 button footswitch that comes with Harmony V100. A default mapping of footswitches to effects is provided but customization is easy and fast if you want quick footswitch access to the Tuner for example.

Comfortable On The Big Stage Or Your Laptop
Dry and effected XLR or USB outputs offer mixing and tracking versatility for front of house mixer or when you want to record. These can also be used either in a single stereo pair or individual mono channels.

Guitar Highlights
Chromatic Tuner
Auto Anti-Feedback
Body-rez acoustic resonance enhancer
Bass, Mid and Treble EQ controls
Three types of Chorus
Room, Club and Hall Reverb Styles
Tape, Digital and Slap Echo Styles with Tap Tempo

Vocal Highlights
Adaptive Tone - your personal sound engineer
Auto Anti-Feedback
Chromatic Pitch Correction
Up to two voices of guitar controlled vocal Harmony
Room, Club and Hall Reverb Styles
Tape, Digital and Slap Echo Styles with Tap Tempo

1.5 minutes loop time
Unlimited overdub
Input can be set to guitar only, vocal only or all
Loop time sets Echo tempo (except Slap Echo style)
Silent erase with Stop switch (programmable to footswitches)

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